In the 18th century, the UK began the Industrial Revolution. By the 19th century, burning fossil fuels had become normal. In the 20th century, industry deployed a whole new type of materials called Plastics. And humans went into space. Where we saw our planet as a closed loop system, for the first real time.

In the 21st century, we’ve learnt that a lot of what we do is just not sustainable. So it’s time to learn from our mistakes, and develop a way for industry to work in harmony with natural systems.

A Circular Economy aims to achieve that.


Why aim for a
“Circular Economy”?

  • We design understanding that the Earth is a closed loop system, powered by the Sun
  • There’s no ‘waste’ in nature – everything is food for something else. We mimic that.
  • Instead of the Linear “Take-Make-Waste” approach, we aim to design out waste and pollution.
  • True Sustainability – we work within, and try to regenerate, natural systems.

Who is developing this idea?

Circular Economy

How can MYD help you with the Circular Economy?


Understanding your environmental impacts

New approaches to help you design out pollution

Bringing your green ideas to life

Helping to improve the sustainability of your business