In the 18th century the UK began the Industrial Revolution. By the 19th century burning fossil fuels had become normal. In the 20th century Industry developed a whole new type of materials called Plastics. And humans went into space, where we saw our planet as a closed loop system, for the first real time.

In the 21st century, it’s time to learn from our mistakes, and develop a new way for industry to operate. The Circular Economy is a way for design to do just that.

Circular Economy
Circular Economy

Why aim for a
“Circular Economy”?

  • Sustainability
  • The Earth is a closed loop system, powered almost entirely by the Sun.
  • There’s no ‘waste’ in nature – everything is food for something else
  • Works off “current solar income”
  • The Industrial Experiment (started in the UK by The Industrial Revolution) has evolved into a Linear Economy: Take-Make-Dispose
  • The Circular Economy is a way of thinking to help Industry emulate, and work in harmony with, Nature.

What can design do to help?

Circular Economy
Circular Economy

How can MYD help you with the Circular Economy?


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