Over 15 years’ of industrial
design experience

  • Full product design lifecycle
  • GRIP (Gloucestershire Research Innovation Programme) Laboratory management
  • “Certified Professional” – Autodesk Inventor
  • Early adopter & Beta Tester – Autodesk Fusion360
  • Previously: Chair – AGD Systems Environmental Working Group bringing in ISO 14001
  • BSc Product Design
Highly detailed and specified design with the mechanical, manufacturing and engineering industries – including assembly technologies and testing.

What makes Mark tick?

The improvement and development of designs and products is my key driver, it is something I have been involved with since studying. It remains my work life passion and much to the annoyance of my family this addiction to continuous design improvement spills into my personal life.

Companies who have worked with me have commented that I am a flexible, friendly and approachable, and yes, I’d agree to that observation; you need to be to become accepted and trusted within a team.

During my many years as a product designer I have worked in a team environment in both commercial and technical sides of a business to create products that fit the market place needs while delivering on all design practices.

Aesthetics. Functionality. Efficiency.
Performance. Robust Results.

I am motivated to guide these design practices towards principles that deliver more sustainable behaviour – equally I am realistic that a product must deliver on its requirements. I have a page dedicated to the Circular Economy which details the reasons why I believe we should strive to create future designs with the sustainability of their lifecycle in mind, and why I’m encouraging everyone to ‘get involved’.

Outside of work I enjoy mountain biking…. design in general…

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More than a product designer

Mountain biking the UK
From The Isles of Scilly to Shetland

In 2016, after many successful years at AGD Systems, it was to attempt 2 life long ambitions: to start my own business and, before that, to ride the length of the UK on a mountain bike. The aim was to ride as much as possible off road, raise money for charity and see the best of the UK, including the latest developments in sustainability.

So, what did I learn?

I learnt that the experience was fantastic and one I would recommend to everyone. On a personal level, it taught me a lot about personal endurance, how to embrace new experiences and the importance of cultural learning.

Mark Young - Product Designer
Mountain Biking