Over 15 years of product design experience

  • Research to Production to End-of-life
  • 15 years CAD experience
  • Improving the sustainability of products and processes
  • 3D printing, augmented reality, generative design & other innovative techniques
  • Injection moulding, assembly technologies, sheet metal and many more manufacturing processes
  • Help wherever you are in the design process

Industry sector experience

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Consumer products
  • Traffic infrastructure
  • Art collaboration
  • Bespoke test equipment
  • Medical
  • Renewable energy
  • and many more
Prototype to Production to Reuse
Circular Economy Consultation
Grip Innovation Lab Management
ISO 14001 Implementation
Chair – Systems Environmental working group

Design for reuse: LED Solar Light Bottle

A design for up-cycling plastic bottles, used in favelas to bring daylight into homes, by adding solar panels to provide light at night.

LED Solar Light Bottle

Circular economy design consultation

MYD is involved in many areas of design, and can offer a portfolio of product design services. One area is in helping businesses who want to enhance their sustainability, and implement circular economy thinking into their business. Please read more here about Circular Economy business design practices, and reach out if you would like to get a more thorough understanding.


Work examples:

  • GRIP Laboratory
  • AGD Systems
  • RNLI
  • The RSA
Circular Economy
Circular Economy