AGD Systems are the first in the market to provide End Of Life information on their products. This has been well received by local councils who are under pressure to work responsibly. I was instrumental in developing this and developed a format, using Inventor Publisher, that is now standard in product manuals and is part of the design process.

After returning from the first RSA Great Recovery workshop, at a Cornish Tin Mine, I was asked to design an assembly aid for a radar PCB assembly. My Spacemouse had recently passed away and I thought the beautifully machined heavy base could be reused. Printed in SLS using Nylon.

I wanted to visualize the company's energy use in a more accurate way. Here I've modelled one of the buildings and then modelled our fuel and emissions in actual size.

To arrive at the figures above I needed to breakdown the various forms of fuel and emissions the company uses and produces. I experimented with a flow diagram that highlights the differences between what happens above ground and below ground.

I worked with ARRK, our local prototype supplier, to calculate the energy used in printing a prototype housing. I then used our energy supplier's calculations to estimate the resultant emissions. (I should have used a bigger font...The figures are 46kWh & 28.7kg CO2) The lasers used in the SLS process mean a lot of heat is radiated.